Sarah Marshall is the Lead Investigator for our firm. She handles every case personally that comes through our doors. She began her career in the United States Air Force in 2000. Her job broadened her skills by a mile. She was the Emergency Actions Controller for the Western Half of the United States and various commands overseas. She had a very high-profile position, in that it was her duty to brief the POTUS and the CJCS every morning. This position meant that she had to investigate the validity of the military intelligence coming into the Command Post. After leaving the Air Force, she began doing consulting work for the INL. She eventually moved to Los Angeles, CA, where she worked as a consultant.. She then moved back to Idaho and went back to the INL for quite a few different consulting jobs. Sarah decided to go back to school to get her certification in Private Investigation. Sarah, then, started Off The Grid Investigations LLC after she graduated. In fact, the first day of her graduation, she acquired her first client. She is not only a Command and Control, Security and Investigations expert, she is also an expert on Cause Analysis and Data Analysis. She has a large surveillance team, a CSI certified technician, and various administrative personnel on her team. She is the only Private Investigator in Southeast Idaho with the manpower and training to get the job done. She specializes in Cold Cases and Missing persons. She is also prolific in Civil and Criminal Investigations. 


Our Surveillance Team, Information Analysts and Crime Scene Technicians, although names are undisclosed to protect their identities, have an extensive background and technical training in their field. Their talent for finding the hidden is remarkable. 


How It Works

From submitting evidence though our website or your testimony, we now offer the way that we can keep it secured and you can be heard. With new ways of chatting with our company online for assistance to being able to submit your info via your personal access area that the investigator can update you 24-7. Now you can see what they see.


Pricing & Plans

Our Pricing Varies dependant on the type of investigation you are looking for. The pricing is made simple just for you. On our Pricing Page you will be able to see what we charge and what it would take to get us on your case.  Look at our pricing then contact us to know how we can help you.

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How will you know if we can help you? We are only a phone call away to get you the help you need. We offer Cold Case Investigation, Missing Persons, Cargo Recovery, Child Custody/Custodial Interference and Background Investigation. Make sure you are proctected from these threats and problems by visiting our blog and by being educated.


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